How Structural Engineering Services Ensure the Beauty and Sturdiness of Roofs in Buildings

When it comes to engineering structures, one of the first things that come to mind is the facade of a building—the face of a structure, as it were. However, structural engineering also concerns itself with one of the most important but under-appreciated parts of a building: the roof.

Making sure that a roof is structurally sound is no easy feat. After all, seeing to it that the roof is properly trussed and supported ensures the safety of people inside the building. Furthermore, it also means the roof must be sturdy enough to withstand strong winds and changes in weather.

What’s more, engineering roofs isn’t just about making sure that this important piece is sturdy—in many cases, it also means making a structure’s roof a work of art, too. Check out the most impressive roofs that exhibit both form and function.


Elbphilarmonie – Hamburg, Germany


The lower part of this building is made of concrete, but its upper half is crowned with a glass roof extension that almost looks like an iceberg. This creates an interesting juxtaposition between the “solid” lower section and delicate upper half. Of course, careful consideration was made to ensure the structural soundness of such a design.


Mercedes Benz Stadium – Atlanta, USA


From overhead, the roof of the Mercedes Benz Stadium looks like a flower that opens into the football field below. The design was inspired by the angular logo of the Atlanta Falcons, its home team, as well as the Roman Parthenon. The roof has a steel frame structure and is clad with ETFE, a durable but inflatable plastic composite material.


Mirage House – Tinos, Greece


You’ve heard of a rooftop pool, but have you heard of a roof that’s literally a pool? That’s exactly what you’ll find on a house dubbed as “Mirage” on the Greek isle of Tinos. The entire roof doubles as a rimless infinity pool that, at certain angles, seems to blend seamlessly into the Aegean Sea.


U.S. Bank Stadium – Minneapolis, USA


Can a sport’s stadium roof be eco-friendly? The roof over the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis is proof positive that it’s possible. The angular roof made of ETFE allows plenty of natural light to pour in, which helps lessens the need to use electricity for indoor lighting.

As you can see, a roof can become so much more than just the covering over one’s head. But to achieve the works of art cited above, clients would be wise to get structural engineering services if they wish to renovate or create a structurally sound as well as aesthetically pleasing roof.


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