Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Project

City of Baton Rouge


ILSI Engineering has been a subconsultant on the Program Management team with CH2MHILL, for the past 4 years on the $1Billion dollar Sewer Rehabilitation Program for the City of Baton Rouge.

The rehabilitation projects will improve more than 5,500,000 linear feet (lf) of gravity sewer pipe (1,042 miles) and 20,000 manholes.  Three treatment plant projects at the South WWTP will increase capacity to handle increased flows during and after storm events.  Capacity projects include upgrades or installation of 152 pump stations and improvements to 350,000 lf of gravity sewer (66 miles) and 670,000 lf forcemain (127 miles).  Three collection system with weather storage projects involve adding 20 million gallons (MGs) of storage in the Zachary Area Transmission Network; 26 MG of storage, 25,000 lf of forcemain and three pump stations at the Choctaw Storage and Pump Station Facility; 56 MG of storage in the North WWTP basin; and 10 MG of storage at Hooper Road.


Parishwide SSO Program Projects Improve Quality of Life for Residents

Program Highlights

• 109 Active Projects

• 49 Projects Completed

• 23 Projects Under Construction

• 37 Projects in Design