Coastal Protection and Flood Control Management in New Orleans

    1. Wastewater/Stormwater Management
    2. Hydraulics/Hydrology Studies (H&H Modeling)
    3. Site Evaluation, Planning and Development
    4. StormWater Pollution Plan
    5. Erosion and Sedimentation Control
    6. Channel Relocations
    7. Flood Control Structures
    8. Hydraulic Structures
    9. Box Culverts
    10. Reservoirs
    11. Detention/Retention Ponds
    12. Water Supply and Treatment Facilities
    13. Water Storage Facilities
    14. NEPA Conformity
    15. NPDES Permitting
    16. Database System Design


Turn to ILSI engineering for coastal protection and flood control management services in New Orleans.

Every member of our team has extensive knowledge and experience in stormwater and runoff management – two facets that are very crucial for coastal New Orleans. We have built enduring relationships with decision makers in the local government, allowing us to play a vital role in the implementation of sustainable plans that support efforts to enhance coastal protection and restoration, as well as flood control management in New Orleans.

As the frequency of intense storms heightens and sea levels change with time, the work we do also assumes great importance to the welfare of citizens in the south.


Coastal Protection

Our professionals at ILSI have robust experience working on coastal protection projects and solving the complex issues that surround our coastal systems. Years of undertaking coastal protection projects allowed us to familiarize ourselves with the issues relevant to the design, management, and construction in coastal areas. We understand the various elements that constitute a successful coastal protection project, from possible environmental impacts to proper material selection and more.


Our Portfolio

Some of our most notable undertakings regarding coastal protection include the LeBranche Wetlands, Chitimacha, SELA, IDIQ Periodic Inspection of Civil Structures and IDIQ Task Force Guardian.

Here are the specifics of these projects and our contribution to their completion:

*The LeBranche Wetlands Project involved 19,300 acres of intermediate and fresh marsh in the north of St. Charles Parish. We contributed to the development of a model that assists the study of water circulation patterns in wetlands, allowing stakeholders to develop a better understanding of the fundamentals of hydrodynamics and salinity in these areas.

*The Chitimacha Project involved the implementation of flood risk management measures to improve drainage in the area. Our professionals put their project management experience to use in designing and improving ditches, swales, storm sewers, and retention or detention ponds.

*The SELA project included channel and pump station improvements at Orleans Parish. These changes support the parish’s master drainage plans and more importantly, provide flood protection to the levees in preparation for a ten-year rainfall event while reducing damage following larger, unexpected events or calamities.

*The IDIQ Periodic Inspection of Civil Structures and IDIQ Task Force Guardian involved inspections and construction management of various civil structures such as rock jetties, pump stations, levees, dikes, floodgates, floodwalls, scour protection structures, locks, control structures, saltwater barrier, and spillway.


Water Resource and Storm Water Management

ILSI also provides services for stormwater management including the planning and design of flood control management systems in New Orleans. We offer our expertise in the fields design, construction, and compliance for the completion of engineering projects in the coastal south.

Stormwater management is complex. It involves the planning and construction of structures such as box culverts and retention ponds, as well as various sediment and erosion control measures, documentation (such as a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan), and procurement of permits through overseeing agencies like NPDES.

ILSI Engineering provides help with compliance, permitting, design, and planning. We possess knowledge in various compliances and certifications in particular inspection requirements.

ILSI has worked on projects of varying scales, from simpler ones such as H&H analyses and culvert installations to more complex undertakings such as flood control structure design, reservoir construction, channel relocation, and water storage and treatment facilities.

Completing numerous high-profile projects has given ILSI the experience necessary to serve any water management need in New Orleans. We are an excellent choice for project and construction management services for both civil and structural engineering projects in Louisiana and the entire surrounding coastal south.

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