Water Resource Management

    1. Wastewater/Stormwater Management
    2. Hydraulics/Hydrology Studies (H&H Modeling)
    3. Site Evaluation, Planning and Development
    4. StormWater Pollution Plan
    5. Erosion and Sedimentation Control
    6. Channel Relocations
    7. Flood Control Structures
    8. Hydraulic Structures
    9. Box Culverts
    10. Reservoirs
    11. Detention/Retention Ponds
    12. Water Supply and Treatment Facilities
    13. Water Storage Facilities
    14. NEPA Conformity
    15. NPDES Permitting
    16. Database System Design


Coastal Protection Projects

The project professionals at ILSI Engineering have experience working on various coastal protection projects. These include the LeBranche Wetlands, SELA, Chitimacha, IDIQ Periodic Inspection of Civil Structures and IDIQ Task Force Guardian.

The LeBranche Wetlands Project, which consisted of 19,300 acres of intermediate and fresh marsh in northern St. Charles Parish, involved the development of a model to study water circulation patterns in the wetlands in order to develop a better understanding of the hydrodynamics and salinity of the wetland. The SELA project includes channel and pump station improvements in Orleans Parish which supports the parish’s master drainage plans and generally provide flood protection on the levees associated with a ten-year rainfall event, while also reducing damages for larger events. The Chitimacha Project involved the implementation of several flood risk management measures to improve drainage in the area which includes swales, ditches, storm sewers, and retention or detention ponds. The IDIQ Periodic Inspection of Civil Structures and IDIQ Task Force Guardian involved inspections and construction management of various civil structures such as rock jetties, pump stations, levees, dikes, floodgates, floodwalls, scour protection structures, locks, control structures, salt water barrier and spillway.

ILSI Water resource and storm water management

ILSI Engineering provides several services for storm water management. These services are all crucial to engineering projects in the coastal south. A list of these services includes expert work in areas of design, construction, and compliance. Storm water management includes planning and construction of structures like box culverts and retention ponds, but it also includes a variety of sediment and erosion control measures, documentation (such as a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan), and obtaining permitting through overseeing agencies like NPDES.

ILSI Engineering has years of experience in this kind of compliance, permitting, planning, and design. Not only does the ILSI team consist of a number of skilled designers and engineers experienced in CADD, but employees are also knowledgeable in a variety of compliances and have certifications in several critical inspection skills.

ILSI has worked on projects as simple as H&H analyses and culvert installations to as complex as reservoir construction, flood control structure design, channel relocation, and water storage and treatment facilities.

Numerous high-profile projects has given ILSI the experience needed to serve any kind of water management need in New Orleans. Considering the vast engineering capabilities the firm has to offer, ILSI is an excellent choice for project and construction management services for civil and structural engineering projects in Louisiana and all of the surrounding coastal south.