About Us


ILSI Engineering is a 100%  female, minority owned civil engineering firm.  We are domiciled in New Orleans and provide competent, cost effective services in the civil engineering field, specializing in sewer, water, streets and  drainage design projects, as well as Program and Construction Management.

ILSI Engineering, has worked closely with several of the top engineering firms in the U.S., such as Shaw (#6), AECOM (#7), CH2MHill (#8) and Jacobs (#2).

Founded almost two decades ago, ILSI Engineering is a New Orleans-based civil engineering firm with a strong record of performance on projects completed in the federal, state and municipal sectors.  ILSI Engineering is 100% minority/woman owned and a certified DBE with multiple agencies.

Five years ago, Iam C. Tucker, daughter of the firm’s Founder, assumed ownership of the firm and currently  serves  in the capacity of President and CEO.   She has assembled a team of professionals with over 600 man-years of experience in the fields of civil engineering, program and construction management, water system design, sewer system design, drainage infrastructure design, highways and road design, bridge design and structural engineering. Under Ms. Tucker’s leadership ILSI Engineering continues to extend and expand the company’s capabilities and clients.

Our team is comprised of specialized Civil Engineering Consultants

Having built a competent team of civil/structural engineering consultants, ILSI Engineering is well-equipped to provide a number of focused services. Team members are talented, well-practiced, and specialize in a number of civil and structural engineering areas. They are dedicated to providing specialized solutions for a client’s needs. The diverse repertoire of ILSI’s projects demonstrates its adaptability to supply several engineering needs, and its ability to deliver quality, cost-effective work.

Our company has a reputation as being one of the top Civil Engineering consultants in the south. For decades, we have provided services for a number of governmental agencies as well as other firms for projects across Louisiana and the south. We have demonstrated our strengths in program management, construction management, and engineering design. Our knowledge in storm water and runoff management – very crucial topics for coastal New Orleans – is extensive. As the frequency of intense storms increases, and as sea levels change with time, our work is of growing importance to the welfare of southern citizens.

Every employee who works with ISLI on a project is part of a specialized team of Civil Engineering Consultants. We are dedicated to providing not only the best and most cost-effective solutions to our projects, but we also strive to find the most creative and specialized solutions for our individual clients. Excellent and specialized service is important to us, and all of our employees understand this mission. That is why so many of our clients return to us, seeking more quality work from a local firm they know, trust, and enjoy working with. With ILSI Engineering, you will be in the good, well-trained hands of experts.