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  • New Orleans Office
  • Iam C. Tucker


    Iam C. Tucker

    President and Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the overall management of the firm.

  • Leslie Tabony

    Leslie C. Tabony

    Leslie C. Tabony

    Senior Vice President of Operation/Chief Administrative Officer has 25 years experience and is responsible for day-to-day Operations Management.

  • Ronald L. Schumann


    Ronald L. Schumann

    Vice President of Engineering and Technical Services, Ronald L. Schumann, PE.

Civil Engineering Firms in New Orleans

Civil engineering is a crucial field in the south, especially in coastal cities like New Orleans. The south is subjected to many large storms including hurricanes and strong winds. Many cities are located on beaches at sea level. All of these factors mean buildings must withstand high velocity winds, flooding, and lightning events. Streets and sewers must be designed to drain adequately and rapidly, but also safely. Civil engineering in the south therefore takes a specialized knowledge of building codes, design, and storm water management. For these reasons, civil engineering firms are crucial for the safety of southern citizens.

Civil Engineering Design in New Orleans
Storm water management is important in a number of ways. Hurricane Katrina demonstrated the importance of keeping water out of a city, but preventative planning is only part of the design. There is also drainage design and water quality issues. Not all engineering design in New Orleans is focused around keeping water out of the city; sometimes, it is about protecting waterways from the water that leaves the city. When considerable amounts of runoff leave the streets of New Orleans, the water has a potential to flush contaminants into major waterways. These contaminants might be as simple as sediments or manmade, like car fluids and chemicals. However, any kind of concentrated contaminant entering the delta is a threat to the environment. All along the Mississippi River, storm water brings threats of fertilizers and pesticide runoff as well as sediments through a loss of farming topsoil.

How ILSI Engineering Thrives in New Orleans
With so many needs in storm water and runoff management, as well as design to protect the city from flooding and poor water quality, New Orleans is a logical home for a firm like ILSI Engineering. ILSI specializes in a plethora of civil engineering services and project management capacities. Its experience is in both commercial and residential developments in Louisiana. Years of experience have provided ILSI with the kind of judgment and creativity needed to solve unique drainage problems in NOLA. Permeable pavements are an example of how ILSI thrives in its industry. This kind of storm water management design allows areas like residential parking lots, driveways, fire lanes, patios, and overflow parking areas to drain quickly while filtering storm water. Similarly, by implementing green roofing, ILSI can design buildings that manage runoff, evaporation rates, and urban temperatures.

The south – and especially New Orleans – has a huge need for expert storm water managers. ILSI Engineering has stepped up to take that challenge.

  • Nicholas Clark, P.E

    Nick Clark

    Nicholas Clark, P.E

    Vice President of Engineering has over 12 years of experience and has provided design, project engineering, project management, and construction management experience for various types of projects including: water treatment, distribution, and storage systems, wastewater collection and treatment systems, recycled water systems, street and drainage systems and improvements, site development, geotechnical, and forensics and facilities engineering projects.

  • B.J. Legendre, P.E.


    B.J. Legendre, P.E.

    Sr. Project Engineer  has over thirty five years of design and construction management experience in hydraulic, concrete structure design, roadway and bridge design, and infrastructure design.

  • Fernando Estevez, P.E.


    Fernando Estevez, P.E.

    Project Engineer has over 35 years experience and has provided project engineering, project management, and construction management services for many different types of engineering projects, flood control and drainage, water and sewerage systems, site development, roadway and bridge design.

  • Patricia Claverie, EI


    Patricia Claverie, EI

    Over twelve (12) years of civil engineering experience and has consistently demonstrated efficiency, reliability, and accuracy with all engineering tasks.  Ms. Claverie has extensive knowledge of ArcView, HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS, and SWMM for drainage improvements and extensive knowledge of hydraulic design for bridges and culvert design.  Ms. Claverie’s experience includes strategic planning and engineering services related to Sewer Infiltration and Inflow Management using InfoWorks and developing shape files for GIS.

  • Carolina Febles Bennett


    Carolina Febles Bennett

    Over fourteen (14) years of architecture experience for structure engineering projects, including cost estimating, and field inspection experience. She has a high level of expertise in developing complex architectural project plans, CADD, digital and 3D presentations, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Fast Track Schedule.

  • Brandon Watts

    staff008-Brandon Watts

    Brandon Watts

    Over seven (7) years of experience working on Auto CAD, and other Auto desk products. Mr. Watts has over five (5) years of experience in performing inspection on all types of public works and military facilities construction. Mr. Watts is also a well-trained safety professional. He has the qualifications in the following; ECATTS Personal Environmental Training Plan, OSHA 30 Dec, 2008, OSHA 10 July, 2008, and NACFAC Quality Control.

  • George Leonard, III

    Staff015-George Leonard 2

    George Leonard, III

    Over twelve (12) years of experience working in the various roles in the construction industry. Three years of his experience included performing inspection on all types of public works and infrastructure construction. Mr. Leonard is also a well-trained safety professional.

  • Baton Rouge Office
  • Following Hurricane Katrina, the city of  Baton Rouge began to experience dramatic growth.  There was a corresponding increase in the municipal needs of Baton Rouge, the capital city of the state, attributable to this enhanced demand on the city’s infrastructure.
  • The city’s solution was to competitively select a world class team, led by CH2MHILL.
  • ILSI is honored to be a participating team member with an on-the-ground group of adept professionals supporting CH2MHILL.
  • ILSI provides 5 full-time engineering personnel on this project including, a Horizontal Directional Drilling expert as one of the lead construction managers on the job.  Another of ILSI’s employees is key personnel and resident expert on HDD, Jack & Boring and Micro-Tunneling, applying soil engineering analysis to the selection of best installation method and advising the project engineers (30 design firms involved) of best installation method for each location which includes various railroad crossings.
  • Ruhan Isim


    Ruhan Isim

    Over twelve (12) years of experience in the field of Mechanical Engineering, including experience in electronic testing devices (RF timing devices, SCADA Controls and Electronic Sensors).  He has a high level of expertise in developing master plans, project related databases and structure inventories, Hydraulics, CADD, Microstation, GIS, ArcView, System Networks, Water Networks, computer programming, computer modeling and Relational Databases.

  • Jody Crawford


    Jody Crawford

    A competent professional offering over ten years of experience as a proven leader, motivator, and manager, along with a clear understanding of the construction processes.  Results-oriented, self starter professional; who is able to work both independently and as a team member, handling multiple projects concurrently while cultivating client/company relationships.

  • George Clark III

    staff012-George Clark

    George Clark III

    Public Information Officer

  • Jessica Machen


    Jessica Machen

    Administrative Assistant

  • Licenses
  • ILSI’s Engineers are licensed in the states of Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, and Mississippi.
  • ILSI Engineering maintains a fully integrated in-house professional engineering staff encompassing a broad range of disciplines and technical expertise.  Our current staff contingent includes Registered Professional Engineers, Registered Engineer Interns, Construction Managers,  Construction Inspectors, CADD personnel  and other technical/administrative personnel.