8 Benefits Of BIM Services For Your Project Site

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8 Benefits Of BIM Services For Your Project Site
8 Benefits Of BIM Services For Your Project Site

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Civil Engineering Companies Point Out Causes of New Orleans Flooding as $34-Million Budget Approved
Civil Engineering Companies Point Out Causes of New Orleans Flooding as $34-Million Budget Approved

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Civil Engineering Firms Can Advise Cities on How to Be More Flood Resistant

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ILSI: Minority-Owned Civil-Engineering Company in New Orleans

Welcome to ILSI Engineering, a reputable firm providing civil engineering services in New Orleans, LA, and in other cities across the state.

As a female and minority-owned firm, we are DBE-certified with a number of agencies and provide high-caliber services across the federal, state, and municipal sectors. We have been key contributors in various projects including the one-billion-dollar Sewer Rehabilitation Program for the City of Baton Rouge and the Southeast Louisiana (SELA) Urban Flood Control Project. We also have a wealth of experience working closely with the nation’s top civil engineering firms including Jacobs, Shaw, AECOM, and CH2MHill.

With a team of competent civil engineering consultants, we are prepared to handle large-scale projects for various applications. We manage every stage of the project, from obtaining the necessary permits and approvals to creating feasibility studies and beyond. Our list of services for structural and civil engineering in New Orleans includes sewer and drainage planning and design, coastal protection management, airport facility design, and more.

Our History

ILSI has maintained a steady performance record since it was founded almost two decades ago. Five years ago, the founder’s daughter Iam C. Tucker assumed the role of the President and CEO, with a firm resolve to provide the same high-level services our New Orleans civil engineering company is known for.

The ILSI team is composed of professionals who bring to the table decades of valuable experience in the fields of civil engineering, structural engineering, water and sewer design, stormwater management, program and construction management, and infrastructure, which includes road and highway design.

Our Portfolio

As one of Louisiana’s most reputable civil engineering consultants, we have played an essential role in the completion of numerous projects, including the following:

*ILSI provided engineering services for the Southeast Louisiana (SELA) Urban Flood Control Project in New Orleans. In connection with our work for the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board (S&WB), we were contracted to provide construction and program management for the SELA program.

Responsibilities included creating feasibility studies and alternative analyses, designing hydrologic and hydraulic models, producing hydraulic and structural designs, handling utility relocations, generating cost estimates, coming up with public involvement programs, and delivering inspection services.

For S&WB, ILSI also provided engineering, construction management, and inspection services for the Waterline Replacement Program. ILSI was responsible for obtaining all permits and approvals regarding government utilities affected by the project.

*ILSI teamed with CH2MHILL in Baton Rouge to work on a $1Billion Sewer Rehabilitation Program. The project’s scope involved the rehabilitation of included more than 5,500,000 linear feet of gravity sewer pipe, including 20,000 utility holes.

*ILSI worked as a civil engineering consultant for the New Orleans Department of Public Works (DPW). We provided construction management and inspection services during the construction phase of a roadway and sidewalk overflow patching project, all in compliance with the guidelines set by FEMA and DPW.

*ILSI and our joint venture partners managed the eight-year $850Million Capital Improvement Program of the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. Responsibilities included planning, designing, and overseeing the program's various services.

Eight years of experience working on this project has proven ILSI's capacity to handle large-scale projects. Similarly, our diverse repertoire demonstrates the adaptability of our civil engineering company in New Orleans to cater to a wide range of engineering needs, while delivering quality and cost-effective work.

ILSI Engineering is certified as an 8(a) firm with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

Call us at (504) 523-1619 today or fill out our form and we will reach out to you the soonest time possible.